October 16, 2009

Pushing Erlang with xmlrpc

To help contribute to the Erlang community I've published my hacks over xmlrpc Erlang library.

This library has already received various patches that you can found around the web. I've decided to rather build a repository in the hope that it might drains contributions and help keep this library alive.

October 10, 2009

AppEngine next language ?

Python, Java, ...
Java also opened the door for JRuby. The next language could be a less generic one. The upcoming Wave service powered over XMPP and suggesting OpenFire server for support could well be the application killer boosting Erlang language via a server like ejabberd.
Erlang is opensource, powered by a virtual machine, highly suitable for network oriented applications. Surely the community around the language is sparse but it's gaining more and more interest as people face threading problems.